Adoption Law Buffalo NY


Adopting an infant or child can be a joyous experience, but the adoption process itself can be daunting.  From choosing between an agency or a private adoption to negotiating the complexities of state regulations and international adoptions, prospective adoptive parents need expert legal guidance and education.  As an adoptive parent myself, I know from personal experience how uncertain the adoption journey can be, as well as how much care needs to be taken to ensure that the rights of birth parents, children and adoptive parents are protected.  I offer knowledgeable, compassionate, comprehensive assistance and education to adoptive parents because I have navigated my way through the complexities of international and domestic adoption myself.  I have experience with private placement adoptions, in-family and relative adoptions, grandparent and step-parent adoptions, second parent adoptions, single person parent adoptions and same-sex couple adoptions.

I am intimately familiar with New York and interstate adoption laws, as well as the federal statutes governing international adoption.  I developed the University at Buffalo Law School’s Adoption Law course and have written articles and given presentations on international adoption matters for organizations like the Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute. It would be my honor to meet with you – whether you are a birth mother or a prospective adoptive parent. 

I can also provide counsel for people considering surrogacy, egg donorship and other forms of assisted reproduction.